Auto Insurance: 10 Things That Annoy Other Drivers

Every driver has at least one pet peeve when it comes to the habits of other drivers. Some are simply annoying, while others might have a very negative effect on your car insurance! How many of the following things are on your list?

There are some things that start out as irksome, if not necessarily dangerous:

    • Staring at stoplights. Why do some people assume that stoplights are the perfect place for people watching? (They are, but that's beside the point.) Take a picture! It'll last longer!

    • Stealing parking spots. You've been waiting for approximately 22 minutes and 53 seconds while the person vacating your spot has loaded up their purchases, rounded up children, and finally decided that now is the time to leave. You've earned this spot, dang it! Who does she think she is, swooping in there at the last second?

    • Taking up two parking spaces. Come on, man! We all know that she's your little hotrod baby, but did you really have to take up twice the room?

    • Hogging the left lane. It's supposed to be used for passing, not forcing everyone else to go the same speed you are.

    • Boxing other cars in. Just because you can squeeze your tiny car into that spot doesn't mean you should. Leave two feet at both the front and rear of your vehicle when parallel parking to keep from boxing others in.

Then there are the things that are irresponsible:

    • Going 10 miles under the speed limit. Yes, it's reasonable to slow down when road conditions are poor, but driving too slowly actually causes more accidents per year than speeding does.

    • Tailgating. Following too closely behind another driver isn't just annoying; it's dangerous. If that driver ahead of you slams on their brakes, you'll be trading insurance details - and that's the best case scenario.

    • Texting or talking on a cell phone. Did you know that using your cell while driving causes the same amount of impairment that driving drunk does? Don't drive distracted. It could be fatal.

    • Cutting people off. Drive defensively, and pay attention to your surroundings. Check all of your rear-view mirrors before merging lanes or pulling out into traffic to avoid causing accidents.

    • Using lights and signals improperly. Keeping your hi-beams on when another driver is coming can blind them temporarily. Leaving your signals on or failing to use them communicates the wrong message to other drivers, and could easily result in a wreck.

So, how did you do? Are you guilty as charged, or innocent of all of the above? Whatever your driving style, remember to drive safely and considerately so that both you and other drivers can arrive alive and keep your low auto insurance rates.

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